Decoding The Marketing Funnel

From engineering to industry transformation, explore the unconventional path of Andrew Sharpe in the latest Estate Agency X podcast. Gain practical insights and a fresh perspective on efficiency, marketing, and success in our ever changing landscape.

Decoding The Marketing Funnel

In the latest episode of Estate Agency X, host Rob Brady engages in a fascinating conversation with Andrew Sharpe from Sure Sales and Lettings. Andrew's journey is nothing short of unconventional—he initially pursued a degree in engineering, but a visit to an estate agency while house hunting led him to pivot his career towards becoming an estate agent.

Diving into the corporate realm in 2005 before venturing into an independent estate agency, Andrew's logical mindset became the driving force behind his quest to enhance the entire estate agency process. From applicant registration to securing instructions, he envisioned a more seamless and efficient experience, ultimately reshaping and implementing these improvements.

Andrew didn't stop there as he delved into revolutionising traditional marketing approaches. Through the integration of digital marketing, lead generation, video content, and automation, he discovered a new world of possibilities. The podcast explores Andrew's engineering perspective as he decodes the marketing funnel.

This insightful discussion promises to equip estate agents with a clearer understanding and practical insights for implementing effective strategies in their agencies with Andrew Sharpe's innovative approach. You can listen to it here on Apple Podcast

Or find it on your preferred podcast platform by searching Estate Agency X, and don't forget to subscribe to receive the latest episodes.

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