Customer Journey Workshop - make every Vendor and Landlord love you

Calling all Estate Agents -Join our next workshop and find out how to make every Vendor and Landlord love you.

Customer Journey Workshop - make every Vendor and Landlord love you

At this online webinar, Iceberg Digital CEO, Mark Burgess, looks at the importance of having an amazing customer journey and shows you how to go about putting one in place for your business to ensure your vendors and landlords not only have a great customer experience with your company but love you time and time again. 

The best way to think of 'customer experience' is the way in which your company leaves a customer feeling. How do they think about your brand across every touch point and interaction they have? A positive customer experience will leave your customer happy and will also result in increased revenue for your company. Your customers will refer you to friends and family and this is simply the best marketing that money can buy. In order to ensure your vendors and landlords get a great customer experience EVERY TIME, you need to understand their customer journey. Once you've nailed this, your vendors and landlords will love you forever.

Come and join us on this free workshop to discover how great companies provide a great customer experience. The link to register is below and the details are as follows:

Wednesday 1st July

Time: 10am

Click here to register

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Iceberg Digital

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