CONGRATULATIONS! Yet more agents complete Iceberg Digitals Innovation & Growth Programme

We love celebrating at Iceberg Digital and we are so proud to announce yet another group of estate agents that have completed our game changing Innovation & Growth Programme - WELL DONE!

CONGRATULATIONS! Yet more agents complete Iceberg Digitals Innovation & Growth Programme

Everyone knows there are many benefits to 1:1 business coaching. In actual fact many business owners spend thousands of pounds on 1:1 business coaching in order to achieve their goals because they know it works so the investment they make is worth it. To list a few, such benefits include:

  • The ability to set goals AND accomplish them
  • Take more and frequent action that is actually directed TOWARDS your goals
  • To IMPROVE your personal skills AND develop yourself
  • Creates effective performance management AND productivity
  • Develops strategies to move the dial of your business in the RIGHT direction
  • Identify key challenges AND solve them
  • Make smarter INFORMED decisions allowing you to make more money

The list of benefits is endless. At Iceberg Digital we provide our clients with free access to dedicated 1:1 business coaching. This is done via our Innovation & Growth Programme and is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady. If you want to discover exactly what our Innovation & Growth Programme is all about and exactly how this supports our clients then click here. But in summary it is a 4-6 month programme, exclusively for Iceberg Digital clients, which covers various areas such as Culture & Leadership, Marketing, Data, Efficiencies and Customer Journeys. 

We have now had several estate agents complete the Programme and benefit from the actions they have actually taken and implemented as a result. We want to list the following clients who completed the Programme in December and finished their year off with a bang! We are so incredibly proud of them and all before them that have now completed this Programme, it is definitely not easy, it takes dedication and commitment. These agents have a very bright future, will thrive in the new digital age of estate agency and below are some thoughts from a few of them that picked up their Programme trophy a few weeks ago:

Laura Howey, Love Property: "Since I started on my journey with Lifesycle it has totally changed the way I think about my customers and how I operate my business. Lifesycle has moved us into a whole new level of being able to communicate with customers about what’s important to them at that time and about when they want to hear from us. The most important thing is that all happens without me doing anything, 24/7, never losing touch with the people that matter most. Now that Lifesycle is a functional CRM it’s even more intuitive and I know even more about my customers and just how I can help them most. Making the best use of my time!”

Kevin Gibson, Gibson Honey

Dave Gibbons, Courtyard Homes: "For me the programme was great. The best part was it turns your attention to things that a normal estate agency just wouldn’t do. Focus on the customer journey and data capture to enable you to offer an outstanding service to clients and amazing communication. Rob and the team have a great outlook on both business and estate agency. The little tricks, tips, and helpful videos are great and keep your attention focused"

Kate Hill, Greater London properties

Mark Nicholson, Nicholsons Estate Agents

Christopher Ellis, Harrisons

Dylan Mollison-Cousen, Century 21: "Having successfully completed the Innovation & Growth Programme with Iceberg, it has been an amazing journey and one that has brought the team even more together to focus on how we can improve our customer journey and work more efficiently to deliver an exceptional service. Whilst not without challenges as any change in working habits have, when you can start to see the shift in thinking and daily actions it has been the most refreshing and exciting addition to our business, and now sits very much at the core of how we operate. One of the most rewarding and noticeable differences is hearing the feedback form our customers as to why they choose us and one of the recurring trends is that this is due to the fact we are very different to all the other agents who in their opinion are still stuck in the past."


Alan Cooper, Alan Cooper Estate Agents

Well done to you all. Who is going to be next to complete our game changing Programme and drive their business forward in 2022? Remember; "Its easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you 2 years ago but will very soon be out of date!" Roger Von Oech


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