Celebrating Excellence in PropTech: Mark Burgess Shortlisted for Coveted Industry Award

Join us on a journey of innovation, success, and the future of PropTech as our visionary CEO, Mark Burgess, blazes a trail towards a UK PropTech Award. Brace yourselves for an industry-shaking revelation!

Celebrating Excellence in PropTech: Mark Burgess Shortlisted for Coveted Industry Award
The property technology (PropTech) industry is continuously evolving and transforming, and innovative leaders are pivotal in driving change and inspiring a community. This year, we are proud to announce that our CEO and company founder, Mark Burgess, has been shortlisted for the prestigious UK PropTech Award in the category of "Inspirational Leader of the Year."
The UK PropTech Association and Their Mission
Before we delve into Mark's achievements and nomination, let's take a moment to understand the significance of the UK PropTech Association. Established in 2018 as a not-for-profit membership organisation, the UK PropTech Association (UKPA) is devoted to promoting engagement between PropTech and property businesses with the goal of driving the digital transformation agenda within the property industry, which is playing a pivotal role in navigating the dynamic and competitive estate agent market.
In its sixth year, the UK PropTech Awards event celebrates those at the forefront of digital transformation within the property sector. The 2023 Awards promise to be the largest and most prestigious event to date, following the merger of UKPA and the British Property Federation, forming a united network across the property and PropTech sectors.
Mark Burgess: An Inspirational Leader at Iceberg Digital
As the founder of Iceberg Digital, Mark has played a crucial role in shaping the company's vision, values, and guiding principles. He demonstrates exceptional leadership, innovation, and mentorship qualities, making him worthy of the "Inspirational Leader of the Year" award.
Mark's leadership qualities have not only led to the growth and success of Iceberg Digital but have also inspired his team to develop innovative products and services. His clear strategic vision for the company has driven remarkable achievements in our product offerings and personal development. Mark is known for fostering innovation, encouraging creativity, and developing groundbreaking products and services in the property, digital marketing, and data industries.
Mark's expertise extends beyond Iceberg Digital, earning him national and international recognition. His two best-selling business books have provided valuable insights, and his appearances on TV and in leading publications like Forbes.com have solidified his reputation as a thought leader for the entire industry.
Inspiring and Making a Difference
Mark's leadership style has profoundly impacted his colleagues, peers, and the company. He sets a high innovation and personal development standard, motivating others to strive for excellence. Mark actively mentors and empowers his team, encouraging them to take on new challenges and responsibilities, think creatively, and find ways to improve their work and personal lives.
One of the standout qualities of Mark's leadership is his willingness to share his knowledge, both internally and externally. He has shared valuable insights and contributed to developing the property and PropTech sectors through speaking events for clients and industry professionals across the globe.
Standing Out in the Industry
Mark Burgess stands out as an inspirational leader for several reasons. His deep industry knowledge, innovation, marketing, and data is unmatched. His books, speaking engagements, and industry recognition further highlight his expertise and thought leadership. What truly sets him apart is his unwavering commitment to mentoring and empowering his team, personally and professionally. His contributions and his nomination for a Lifetime Achievement award demonstrate his significant influence and leadership.
Iceberg Digital is guided by core values that drive its purpose, vision, and mission to simplify, improve and empower. Mark's leadership is a testament to these values. He has dedicated himself to the property industry, his team and transformative solutions that are changing the game.
Congratulations to Mark, and Best Wishes to All Nominees
As we celebrate Mark's shortlisting for the UK PropTech Award in the "Inspirational Leader of the Year" category, we also extend our best wishes to all the other nominees. The PropTech industry is fortunate to have such dedicated and innovative leaders driving progress and transformation.
Mark's leadership and achievements remind us that with vision, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, we can shape the future of our industry. At Iceberg Digital, we remain steadfast in our purpose, vision, and mission, inspired by Mark.
Here's to the continued success and growth of the PropTech and Estate Agency industry and the visionaries who lead the way!

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