Book Now - Lifesycle 3 In-person strategy sessions - discover more about this new CRM for agents

Discover how the new Lifesycle 3 can help you build a strategy to reduce costs and increase opportunities as we enter more uncertain times.

Book Now - Lifesycle 3 In-person strategy sessions - discover more about this new CRM for agents

Upcoming Dates:

Wed, Dec 7 2022, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Venue: The 8 Club (Moorgate) 1 Dysart Street, Liverpool Street, England, GB, EC2A 2BX

It's becoming very clear that the conditions of the property market are changing. For the last 2 years we have seen a market like no other, a market where you could literally sell a property within hours of taking it on the market. A market where for every one property you probably had at least 10 serious buyers interested. Things are now changing, we can all feel it. That confidence and certainty is drifting, things are slowing down. Perhaps you are looking ahead, 3 or 4 months ahead, and sitting there wondering where your next valuation is going to come from? Instead of waiting 3 or 4 months to find out, you need to take action now. This is where Lifesycle, the revolutionary new CRM for estate agents comes in.

Lifesycle 2 launched in Spring 2021 and now hundreds of independent agents around the country are using this next-gen CRM, changing the way they work and leaving their competition behind. You can hear the thoughts of some Lifesycle agents here and in particular Matt Giggs, founder of the Giggs group, Speaker, Trainer and Mentor in the industry saying how he now couldn't imagine working without Lifesycle after moving his entire group over to the new CRM. Click here to see the interview.

From October we will be running monthly in person group strategy sessions with Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, the creators of Lifesycle, International speaker, mentor and best selling author. Places will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment. With the popularity of Lifesycle increasing month on month and the CRM recently having a record sales quarter, its more than likely that an estate agent in your town is already using it, getting more ahead of you and every other agent as each day passes so can you really afford not to find out how this new CRM will help you and your business work smarter. Come and join us now, you've got nothing to lose.

Simply CLICK HERE to secure your place at one of our free in-person strategy sessions.

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Whether it's Lifesycle, Uzair, Neuron, or all three, our cutting-edge products redefine how you harness business potential. Lifesycle is the the world's-first estate agency software combining CRM and marketing in one platfrom. Neuron AI-based websites personalises customer experiences, and boosts conversion rates, while Uzair, the first Microsoft-approved AI assistant for the industry, empowers you to streamline your everyday tasks.

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