Another batch of agents step up their innovation

As part of using Lifesycle, Agents have access to 1-2-1 mentoring through an Innovation & Growth Programme with a qualified coach to help with various aspects of their business. This month we hear from the latest batch of agents to complete the programme.

Another batch of agents step up their innovation

As part of being a Lifesycle customer, the leadership team have access to a 1-2-1 mentoring programme explicitly created to help Estate Agents to take their business to the next level by covering various areas that can give them big wins. The programme is not about 'training' as that takes place in our Lifesycle Academy, but rather more about guiding and reinvigorating your plan from the ground up. Our Elite Performance Coaches work with you through a series of practical and applied workshops, equipping you with the essential tools, knowledge, and insights to identify and harness the innovation potential of your Estate Agency. 


You can read about the Innovation & Growth Programme here.

Our agents who completed the Programme this month were:

  • The Property Cloud
  • Zoe Napier
  • Newboulds & Co
  • Elliott Lee
  • MECS
  • The Property Shop
  • Nicholsons Estate Agents


This is what some of them had to say regarding the Innovation & Growth Programme:


"Not having to struggle with duplication of data is fantastic; it's allowed us to work in a collaborative way as Lifesycle provides that continuity of data across the business. I love the exposure it's given us in terms of creating engaging blog content, impactful journey sequences, showcasing how important our clients are to our business, and really nurturing those relationships as soon as they begin, from start to finish. It's a brilliant tool that has enabled us to unlock more about time management and performance capabilities. Being part of the Lifesycle community has been a huge inspiration; exchanging tips, tricks, and ideas have been a real tonic that's enabled us to fortify our creative assets and further build on what we have already done through lifesycle." 

Evita Fankam, MECS Property


"Lifesycle's Innovation & Growth Programme ensures we continue to strive to be at the forefront of Estate Agency, always looking for the next thing that will make us stand out from the crowd whilst ensuring our clients get the best possible service. Lifesycle gives us the platform and support to achieve this."

James Burgess, Elliot Lee Estate Agents


"It is a huge honour to receive the Innovation Award for a second year running. The changes we could make in 2021 were huge for our company, but as the software had new features in 2022, it made it even easier to tailor our service for each client individually. The content one client receives from us is completely different to what the next client receives, depending on their circumstances. It makes us more relevant to them than ever before."

David Long, Newboulds & Co

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