Announcing the first speaker at EA X 7

Marianne Page has now been announced as the first of three speakers for Estate Agency X 7 taking place in London on the 4th Nov. Marianne’s McDonald’s experience makes her one of the world’s most qualified experts on the practicalities of implementing systems and building high performing teams.

Announcing the first speaker at EA X 7

Marianne Page is an award-winning leader and developer of high performing teams; inspiring successful small business owners to build the simple systems and high performing teams that will free them from the day to day of their operations; giving them back the time to enjoy a fulfilling life, confident that their business is running as it should.


Marianne developed a number of high performing teams of her own during her 27-year career as a senior manager with McDonald’s and developed over 14,000 managers and franchisees over an 8 year period as the company’s Training Manager.


For the past ten years, Marianne has worked closely with successful business owners who have over-complicated their life and their business, helping them to develop the systems and the structure that will make their operation consistent, and free them to work on their business rather than in it.


Marianne is the best-selling author of Simple Logical RepeatableMission: To Manage, The McFreedom Report, and Process to Profit - a book hailed as ‘better than The E Myth’.


Estate Agency X has become the most trusted resource for Estate Agents looking to innovate and think outside of the box.


This is not a conference for Rightmove stats or the traditional speakers that get wheeled out at every event. Over the years we have had some of the world's top entrepreneurs and business leaders speak at our events for the leaders of our industry to take that information and build stronger businesses.


Estate Agency X 7 will see 4 heavyweight speakers, talking to a full Art Deco style cinema in London in a day that is focused on the why and how of digital business transformation. Each speaker will give the audience unique insights into why and how they could and should, take simple steps to improve their business.


Access the tickets page here.

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