And the Winners are.....We name those agents who have won an award for Innovation this month

Iceberg Digital are proud to announce yet more of their agents that have won their Innovation & Growth Programme award. Its a tough programme to complete and those that do really are the most innovative agents in the UK.

And the Winners are.....We name those agents who have won an award for Innovation this month

Its been almost 2 years since the launch of the ground breaking software for Estate Agents, Lifesycle. Now 1000's of agents are using this across the country to get ahead of their competition and work smarter. To compliment the software itself, Iceberg Digital also provide its clients with the Innovation & Growth Programme, designed specifically for those agents that want to excel. If you want to discover more about our programme simply click here

The Innovation & Growth Programme is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady who advises that "Unlike most software providers, as an Elite Performance Coach, my duty is not to train a company on how to use Lifesycle, but instead inspire them to unlock the knowledge they have in uniquely maximising the platform for themselves, pushing them to their boundaries of growth and personal development. Being a former independent agent, who has worked on the coal face for many years, I personally love seeing the wins our clients achieve during this journey. The transformation is exceptional and something i am very proud of."

Here at Iceberg Digital we love seeing our clients go through and complete the programme which takes commitment and dedication. The programme is not designed to be a walk in the park, but it is designed to ensure that you elevate and maximise your position in your area once completed. Over the last few months we are absolutely thrilled to congratulate the following agents for completing the programme and winning their Innovation & Growth Programme award - well done everyone!

Keystone Property & Mortgage Centre

Sure Sales and Lettings - Hemel Hempstead

No.86 Estate Agency

Holden Estate Agents

Sure Sales and Lettings - East Midlands

Bartlett and Partners

Giggs & Bell

Giggs & McGrath

Darren Bartlett from Bartlett & Partners shared the following: "Having spent decades tied to a high street office, I made the decision to take our company away from the traditional branch based system and operate remotely. Whilst I recognised the challenges involved, I knew that the world has changed, and that the value of a physical presence in our town was decreasing daily. Let's face it, when was the last time someone visited your office who actually brought something to the business?

I knew that we would have to invest in the right technology to make this change viable, and to allow us to be as productive as before. The largest decision clearly had to be the CRM. The software that not only holds our data, but allows us to operate our day to day business. Having worked with some of the larger CRM providers over the years, I knew that their offerings all had their limitations, and that their apps had reduced functionality.

This is where Lifesycle comes in. It has made our business fully operational, not just from a laptop away from the office, but genuinely from our mobiles, wherever we are. Everything is fully functional from your phone. From registering applicants to booking viewings, presenting on a valuation, even putting all content together and launching a property. No extra steps, no fiddling with settings - it just works. Everything exactly as you would use it from a desktop. I am yet to learn of a competitor who has this degree of functionality to compete.

The genuinely 'remote' nature of the software is only one of the key selling points for our company, but it has been the biggest in terms of making our lives simple, and let's face it - who doesn't like a simple life?"

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