And The Winners Are.....?

Here at Iceberg Digital, we are so pleased and proud to announce that even more agents have completed our unique Innovation and Growth Programme. They really are leading the way in our industry and are among the most innovative agents in the country.

And The Winners Are.....?

It's been a year since we started offering our ground breaking Innovation and Growth Programme for our clients, where we cover Leadership, Data, Efficiencies, Customer Journeys and Marketing. If you want to discover more about our programme simply click here

The Innovation & Growth Programme is led by our Elite Performance Coach, Rob Brady who advises that "Unlike most software providers, as an Elite Performance Coach, my duty is not to train a company on how to use Lifesycle, but instead inspire them to unlock the knowledge they have in uniquely maximising the platform for themselves, pushing them to their boundaries of growth and personal development. Being a former independent agent, who has worked on the coal face for many years, I personally love seeing the wins our clients achieve during this journey. The transformation is exceptional and something i am very proud of."

This month, we would like to congratulate both Jacksons Estate Agents and Benjamin Stevens for completing the Innovation & Growth Programme and winning their award. What a fantastic achievement. These agents are now among the most innovative in the country and had the following the say about the programme:

"The whole Iceberg experience has been exciting and dynamic, yet at the same time overwhelming.

I understood the theory and the results that it would give. I often pushed Lifesycle jobs off the ‘to do list’ in favour of commitments which I was more familiar or confident in. I knew that the only way to approach this was to set a date for the office to go ‘cold turkey’ and switch our CRM to Lifesycle so that the team had to take part. This then put me on a journey of accountability and that’s why the weekly meetings with Rob were so important. The team could see my commitment to the Programme and all that it entails to get these ideas rolling, they had two choices jump in or off! They all jumped in and no one has fallen overboard yet. I constantly doubted what I could achieve, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks and what they would ask of me as an agent but more importantly as a person. Rob has broken everything down and made mammoth jobs a series of simple tasks which when combined result in the task being completed. The constant motivation and encouragement to confirm to me that it is OK to shout about what we do, how we do it and what we stand for (personally and as a company) has changed the way I will work forever. I have a greater understanding for the way in which we structure the content, deliver the message, and continue to follow up the message by nurture. I have a focused and discipline attitude to writing my own content to add to what Lifesycle produces, this means that we are now starting to push our individuality out to potential clients. I have also learnt that it will never be ‘DONE’ it can always be tweaked or made better, but that consistency is more rewarding than perfection. Confidence, focus, and discipline are the three words i would use to sum the Programme up. Thanks for the continued support which we receive from you all."

Jacqui Bradshaw - Jacksons Estate Agents

"At Benjamin Stevens Estate Agents we are completely thrilled to be awarded the Innovation & Growth Programme Award. We signed up to Lifesycle in January 2021 and it is fair to say that we simply weren’t using all parts of the system well enough to really make them work to our advantage. However, with the help of Rob Brady, who is by far one of the most knowledgeable, supportive, patient and efficient coaches we have ever worked with, we are now back up to full speed and we can already see the difference in the number of potential leads coming in.  It was a lot of hard work (mainly put in by our Marketing Director!) but we wanted to get this done in the shortest amount of time to allow us to start seeing results as soon as possible.  With Rob’s help we have now set up and actioned several new journeys, with numerous pieces of bespoke personalised content, going out to various types of potential new clients. Rob’s advice, knowledge of the system and how to make it work in the best way for our agency, is worth its weight in gold. Thanks again."

Rosanne Oppenheimer

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