A CRM Tip for agents to get new stock

In a world whereby everything must happen yesterday, here is a simple tip for agents to work smarter with their CRM, in order to get more stock, while doing a million things at once.

A CRM Tip for agents to get new stock

All agents need to do a million things at once and every single one of them is urgent! All enquiries need to be replied to asap, all viewings need to be booked and carried out asap, we need more market appraisals asap, we need to follow up the market appraisals and get more instructions asap, we need to create and post more content asap, make more phone calls, send more emails, and on and on and on!

Unfortunately, we can’t suddenly make all those tasks disappear, but we can offer a quick tip for you and your team to get the very most out of the limited time you might have.

One of those key tasks right now is trying to get some new stock on the market and with all of the other jobs to do, your time to do this might be limited, so instead of just calling through the market appraisals you have been to recently, you can go into your CRM and put all of your old market appraisals in order of the last time they read your content on Facebook, visited your website or were reading your emails, ensuring you can follow up with the hottest contacts in your limited time and get the best results easily.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1:

Go to your list of all of the Market Appraisals you have attended but have not yet won that either have the status of Proposal sent or long-term prospect.

Step 2:

Click to filter your list of contacts by their latest activity (newest first).

Step 3:

You’ll be amazed to see that the right people to call are NOT just the people that you have been to see recently but that many of your hot prospects, in terms of getting some new stock to sell or let, had their Market Appraisals ages ago.

Step 4:

Simply click into the contacts profile to have a read of their timeline and see what they have been reading from your social media, emails, or website to contact them and strike up the right kind of conversation. You will be amazed how productive you or your team can be in such a short space of time.

We hope that simple tip helps you and your team be more productive with the time you have and please feel free to let us know your success stories if you use this technique in your CRM. You can also benchmark your estate agency to see how smart you are really working here.

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