4 ways to improve your estate agency customer experience

Creating a great customer experience strategy will help you improve customer satisfaction and receive recommendations which will help increase revenues. Here are 4 ways to improve this.

4 ways to improve your estate agency customer experience

1. Create your customer experience vision

The first step is to work out your customer experience strategy. Create a clear set of principles that define your vision with a mission. Once these are in place, they will drive the behaviour of your estate agency team. Every member needs to understand your principles and should work in line with them. This will make sure the customer has the same experience with each and every member of the team they deal with. 

2. Understand your customer

The next step in building on these principles is by bringing them to life to understand your customers wants and needs, so your team is then able to connect and empathise with the situations that your customers face. You need to work out your buyer personas. By understanding your personas, you will be able to work out who your ideal customers are and understand them better. At Iceberg Digital, we hold buyer persona workshops so if you need to explore how to achieve this please reach out to us. 

3. Create emotional connections with your customer

A great customer experience can be achieved when your team can create an emotional connection with a customer. Customers become loyal when they become emotionally connected, since they will remember how they felt when they used your agency. According to a Harvard Business Review, if this is achieved, your customers are at least three times more likely to recommend you, 44% less likely to use another agent if they need to use you again and 33% less likely to ask for a discount on your fee. 

4. Obtain feedback in real time

How can you measure that you are delivering an awesome customer experience? You should ask your customers for feedback on their experience with you. This can be done via an online survey. Some estate agents choose to use Lifesycle, and as a result have access to a tool called ‘Forms’, which will allow you to provide a link for your customers to review your service, the results of which are logged straight into the Lifesycle platform against their profile. Make sure you communicate this back to every team member, letting them know what a difference they are making to the customer and also your estate agency.

Final thoughts 

Customer expectations are higher than ever in the property market and word of mouth does travel fast! As your vendors, buyers, tenants and landlords become even more empowered to have a voice, delivering a customer experience is vital to your business. Ensure you constantly tweak and understand this to ensure your customers stay loyal and recommend you.  

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