4 reasons why you shouldn’t use Lifesycle

If you are an Estate Agent, you have probably heard all of the reasons that you should be using Lifesycle, how about some reasons why you shouldn’t?

4 reasons why you shouldn’t use Lifesycle

This may seem a strange title for a blog post written by the company that created Lifesycle, but strange as it may seem to some, we are totally ok with the fact that Lifesycle is not for everyone. In fact, we made it that way on purpose! So without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons that you SHOULD NOT use Lifesycle…

1.    You want NOTHING to do with content creation

Ok, so whilst we do supply free off the shelf content to our users that goes out on their social pages and email automatically for them if they wish, this is not a long-term solution for success. It is more of a back-up plan should you have one of those weeks or even months where you have just been too busy to do your own content. So whilst Lifesycle will make your life much easier to become consistent with your content by using our content scheduler tools, automated monthly newsletter and automated nurture journeys, you should still be looking to create your own content either in house or outsourced in order to stand out from the crowd.

2.    You want to innovate but want nothing to change

Lifesycle has been built to work alongside the modern world. So if you are hoping to find a cutting edge system that works the same way as a system you have been using since 2010 forget it. Change is difficult for all of us but if you really don’t want to change then Lifesycle is probably not for you. However, if you are frustrated with the current lack of innovation and technology available to you as an agent, wonder why no one has done anything better and are up for changing the way you work, then you’ll love Lifesycle.

3.    You are looking for the cheapest solution regardless of value

It has been said that accountants know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

This one is quite ironic given how most agents approach the idea of cheap fee estate agents. Lifesycle has a monthly cost of £999 per month and for some agents that is enough information for them to say it is an unaffordable option. However, those same agents think nothing of spending more than £999 per month on a concoction of tools that could either be replaced by Lifesycle or are ineffective. The majority of Lifesycle clients are small 1-3 branch independent agents and in a recent and completely independent interview Christopher Watkin spoke to a group of Lifesycle users that all told him they would rather leave Rightmove and drop a member of staff before they got rid of Lifesycle. So if you are happy to spend £2000+ per month dropping leaflets and letters but feel Lifesycle is unaffordable, it is probably not for you. However, if you can see the incredible value that Lifesycle will bring by replacing lots of existing expenses, supporting your team to close more deals and increasing productivity then you will join those agents who believe it is the best 12k a year they spend.

4.    Your staff don’t see things the same as you

As the owner of the business it is your job to steer the ship. It is also important to get the views of the team in order to have some diversity in your decision making. However if you are one of those estate agencies where you, as the boss, thinks it is a good idea and would love to do it but your staff don’t and so therefore you can’t, then you should not bother. Having staff that decide how the business runs and do things their own way is actually a much bigger problem than deciding if you could use Lifesycle. However, if your staff do believe in you as a leader and will support you in your decisions then Lifesycle has been proven to take teams to the next level.

5.    You live in 1989

If you have ever found yourself saying “we didn’t need the internet and social media to list and sell properties in 1990 so we don’t need it now”, or you believe door knocking is a good and morally correct thing to do, then Lifesycle is probably not for you. However, if you want to understand how companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple work, or maybe already do and wish there was something like that for estate agency then you will fall completely in love with Lifesycle that you will get married, have 4 kids and live happily ever after!

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