Rob Brady

Rob Brady

I am a highly dedicated coach and I have had the honour of guiding hundreds of estate agents through the digital transformation of their business. My passion for helping others reach their full potential extends beyond the workplace and into my personal life where I consistently push myself to new heights. My relentless determination is exemplified by my accomplishments such as running 48 miles in 48 hours, completing 8 marathons, co-authoring an Amazon #1 best-selling business book in Sales & Marketing and hosting 3 podcasts, if which 2 have been in the Apple Top 100 Podcasts for Parenting and Entrepreneurship. I have also spoken at FTSE 100 companies on mental wellbeing, and have been featured on multiple podcasts. My unwavering belief in the power of a strong mindset is the driving force behind all that I do. I am deeply committed to empowering my clients to tap into their own inner strength and achieve extraordinary success in every aspect of their lives. I also take pride in raising money and supporting mental health and wellbeing.

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