Why some agents have an unfair advantage

In December 2022, we introduced "Rocks" to Lifesycle, a feature we meticulously planned for over two years. The core idea is to highlight the hidden "gold" within Lifesycle, bringing crucial data to the forefront. This allows agents to instantly see where to focus their efforts to maximise listings and viewings, ultimately driving more instructions

Why some agents have an unfair advantage
The Power of Data

The way Rocks works would not be possible in a traditional CRM due to the way that the data is collected so please bear with me in explaining this. Rocks leverages advanced algorithms to analyse your entire database, identifying potential leads for listings and viewings. Some accounts displayed hundreds of active potential listings and viewings each month, all identified by Lifesycle as worthy of follow-up.

Practical Application

Lifesycle will specifically find people that have specifically shown an interest in selling a property in your area AND have recently been on your website, or reading your social media or emails and put them in a list with the reasons as to why they are there for your team to contact them. For instance, on a typical weekend review, some accounts revealed 100-300 active potential listings.

Rocks will also notify the team about people that have been looking at your properties on your website or social media without them having to enquire bringing a whole host of active potential viewings to the forefront for more productive call outs to individuals who have shown significant interest in a property.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Interestingly, the introduction of Rocks to Lifesycle prompted feedback from some agents who felt overwhelmed by the volume of leads. However, it's crucial to reframe this perspective. In an industry where listings and sales are paramount, having a robust pipeline of leads is a blessing, not a burden and the less productive work must be prioritised over to do more meaningful work as it is all too easy to just forget the Rocks because it is not something we are used to doing.

Strategic Prioritisation

Rocks should be a top priority within your agency. It uses over a million algorithms to pinpoint individuals who might have properties to sell in your area. The system provides insights into their activities, enabling you to make informed decisions about who to contact. By regularly engaging with these leads, you can secure more listings and viewings, driving your business forward. Every agent would want this, but here is the crazy thing…you are here now reading it but perhaps somehow are still not acting. This can be a problem for some agents that are just too busy to spend any time on improving their strategy but is an essential problem to move past for the good of the business.

Maximizing Opportunities

Imagine reverting to pre-Rocks times, where agents were tasked with cold calling without any guidance. Now, Rocks not only shows you whom to call but also offers a rationale behind each lead. This targeted approach increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach efforts. More useful outbound phone calls or emails, that are more personal and have a much higher rate of success. It is slower than just auto dialling random people, but it is quicker to get to the required results.

The Business Core

Rocks encapsulates the essence of the estate agency business: securing listings, arranging viewings, and closing instructions and sales. Everything else is downstream of these activities. Therefore, dismissing Rocks as just another task undermines the very core of your business operations.

The perfect partnership

It is a perfect partnership. Lifesycle continuously tracks which contacts in your database are on your website, or reading your social media or emails, in a way no human can compete with, identifying potential listing or viewing leads, for the human to contact in a way no computer can compete with. By making regular contact with these identified leads, your chances of converting them into listings or viewings is proven to significantly increase.

Iceberg Digital is a company whose vision is to future proof estate agency, not just through the everyday software they use in Lifesycle but by giving agents access to all of the resources they need in order to transform into a business that can stand the test of time through these innovating times. Whilst Lifesycle sits at the centre of the everyday work of a Sales department, Uzair the industries number 1 AI tool is helping with productivity, Neuron the industries very first AI websites that change depending on the profile of the visitor and Estate Agency X that gives agents access to world class business mentors in person and online are all part of the Iceberg Digital eco system. Not forgetting that the agents themselves are building a bullet proof community at Iceberg Digital and the gap between these agents and ‘the rest’ only seems to be increasing.

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