Watch AI Pull Together a Vendor Care Report in Less Than 3 Minutes

Estate Agents, imagine if Artificial Intelligence could compile all your Vendor and Landlord care reports for you, saving you time and improving your communication. Get ready to be amazed! Uzair will do it in under 3 minutes, right before your eyes.

Watch AI Pull Together a Vendor Care Report in Less Than 3 Minutes
Automated Vendor and Landlord Feedback: The Difference Between Having Great Communication and No Communication

Within Lifecycle is an AI assistant called Uzair to help users complete time-consuming tasks. One of the standout features of Uzair is automated vendor and landlord feedback, or 'Vendor Care', as it is known in Uzair. Here, Uzair taps into the wealth of data within the Lifesycle system, automating the extraction of crucial information that can take you hours to compile for client feedback, which includes:
  • Market duration
  • Which portals the property is advertised on
  • How many applicants match the emails that have been sent out
  • How many people have looked at the full details online
  • How many viewings have taken place, and the feedback from them
  • If there have been any offers, etc.
Uzair will then offer suggestions for what you may want to present as the next steps to your client.

This functionality is a game-changer! It saves time, enhances communication, and improves customer experience. You no longer have to worry about contacting your client with 'nothing to say'. Instead, you can use this Uzair to showcase your progress and provide constructive feedback for the future. Doing so removes any doubts your clients may have about your performance and builds a stronger relationship with them. Uzair's Vendor Care report will save you valuable time and set you apart from the competition by ensuring excellent levels of communication with your clients.

Watch the video to see Uzair perform this long-winded manual task in under 3 minutes.

Introducing Uzair, the advanced AI-powered assistant, setting a new standard in estate agency technology, promising progress and efficiency. Uzair and hundreds of other innovative tools are now included in the Lifesycle platform. If you want to discover more about Lifesycle and why so many of the industry's top estate agents use it, click here.

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