How are small 1 branch estate & letting agencies managing to afford Lifesycle at £1299 per month?

Lifesycle is expensive. But is it? With 88% of Lifesycle clients being 1-2 branch small independent agents we take a look at why those companies actually save money by using Lifesycle, as opposed to increasing their outgoings and how they are not just affording, but loving the system.

How are small 1 branch estate & letting agencies managing to afford Lifesycle at £1299 per month?

“£1299+vat per month is too much for us” is a common thing small agents say about Lifesycle before they have had a demonstration but in reality the mass up-take of Lifesycle has been from agents looking at not only how they can increase their revenue but also how Lifesycle can help them to DECREASE their outgoings. Especially at a time of such uncertainly, Lifesycle makes it possible to see how you ‘could’ run efficiently even on skeleton staff if needed, while still being consistent to the outside world.

So in this article we will focus on both the products that you can replace by using Lifesycle in order to replace one cost with another and not increase your outgoings and we will also focus on how Lifesycle is helping companies to feel safer that they could make manpower savings if the very worst were to happen.

First up which tools could you replace if you were using Lifesycle?

Well, Lifesycle has been built to centralise all of your marketing, listings and leads into one platform to allow agents the ability to work much smarter through both automation and by pinpointing who you should speak to and when. As such there are over 20 different marketing tools that could potentially be replaced that you could currently already be paying for, such as…

An Instant Valuation Tool (Approximate monthly cost £100pm)

An email marketing software (Approximate monthly cost £250pm)

A market appraisal presentation software (Approximate cost £250pm)

An autoresponder to portal enquiries (Approximate cost £300pm)

A webform/landing page creator (Approximate cost £100pm)

An automated email nurture journey software for leads (Approximate cost £300pm)

A software to create and send electronic contracts (Approximate cost £100pm)

Off the shelf content for social media (Approximate cost £200pm)

Social media scheduling tool (Approximate cost £150pm)

These are the most common tools that many small independent agents who feel Lifesycle is too expensive are already using, maybe not all, but at least some of these tools. If an agent is using all of these products they would already be paying £1750pm, so even if an agent is only using half of the tools listed above it is still likely that they are paying £875pm, but here is the real killer…The core of Lifesycle is based around tracking all of your contacts activity on social and your website and then running marketing automation off of the back of that and to do that without Lifesycle you would need to be paying for an enterprise level product where the entry price is £2500pm! Therefore, in order to be able to even begin to recreate the advantage an agent that is using Lifesycle has over another agent that is not using Lifesycle you would need everything on the list above. Coming in at a whopping £3250pm!

Many small independent agents may say, ok but I don’t have ANY of those items listed. Unfortunately, that is even worse, as it would mean that you are missing out on even the most basic marketing tools that companies should be using to their advantage in today’s world. How long you can survive without investing in some or all of those tools is up for debate, but it is certainly not a huge lifespan.

OK, you say. You get the point but is now really the right time to be signing up to something that is a scary amount each month? Well, we can answer that one too and hopefully, allow you to see why it is actually a great safety net for you as opposed to a noose around your neck should things take a turn for the worse.

None of us want to think about the idea of having to make redundancies in our company but when things go bad for businesses, they are usually left with very little choice in this matter due to the very simple fact that it is the payroll of most business that ends up being the biggest expense each month and therefore it is also where the biggest savings can be made.

But this is a catch 22 for businesses since as they reduce their manpower, their service, marketing and standards can begin to slip, leading in to a downward spiral.

Lifesycle has been built outside of the normal boundaries of estate agency. It does not conform to the standard rules of ‘estate agency software’. Over years of consultation with some of the best agents in the country, Lifesycle has been built to actually help take the mundane tasks away from agents, whilst using the clever tracking of your contacts on social media, email and your website via Artificial Intelligence to present them with the clear opportunities that are about to take place. For example, how many hours per week do you and your team currently spend trying to get through to and qualify all of your portal enquiries for both Sales and Lettings? Imagine if that total number of hours became zero?

Or how often do you find that there is an opportunity in your database that has not been explored? For instance, a buyer enquiry that also has a property to sell but has not been followed up with? Imagine if that NEVER happened again, without you lifting a finger?

The same for mortgage opportunities and so on.

Then think about how long your team spend chasing up old valuations to see if they are ready to instruct you yet. Either they spend ages doing this or they are just letting the potential leads drift, but again imagine if you never had to do that again? Imagine if every single valuation would automatically get sent a video from the MD a day after the valuation took place and that the system would send useful content to that potential contact forever. Imagine if the system would also automatically let that potential seller or landlord know automatically if you ever sold or let something else near them and not only that – imagine if your system would keep track of every single valuations activity levels on your website, social media and email and present you with a short list of people to speak to each week in order for you to hit all of your targets.

Finally, how much time might you or your team spend coming up with content for social media and email newsletters and then actually having to post that content on to different platforms and build the monthly newsletter? How often does that get forgotten and undo all of your good work of being consistent? Well, imagine if you never had to think about that again and that content would go out on your website, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter every week without you lifting a finger and then at the end of the month a company email newsletter would go out to your entire database and you had nothing to do with it! How much time and effort would that save you?

With Lifesycle, you would have a system that would allow you to reinvent the way your business works but you would also have a very strong safety net in place that would allow your business to remain at its peak performance levels for marketing, listings and leads regardless of how much you had to cut back.

For less than a junior member of staff, Lifesycle is truly changing the way in which estate and letting agents are able to work smart, maybe it is time you started planning for the future, whichever way it is going to go.

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