Goalie when needed kills Estate Agency

Remember those summer days as a child, playing football over the park with two jumpers as goalposts. When no one wanted to be in goal you just played ‘Goalie when needed’ but how might this same analogy now be killing your business?

Goalie when needed kills Estate Agency
For those that remember, Goalie when needed was a fantastic rule in the footy matches you played with your friends as a youngster. For those that have no idea what goalie when needed is, here is a brief explanation…Basically no one really wants to go in goal, so instead what we will do is play without a goalie, however when the other team attack any of our players can run into the goal mouth and act as a goalie by using their hands. Then when play resumes they can go back to being out on pitch to do what they want to do which is score goals.

But how does any of this relate to Estate Agency?

In small independent Estate Agencies, we all must muck in to get through the sheer amount of work sent our way, just like when we all used to much in to be a Goalie ‘sometimes’. Who answers the phone? Everyone! Who does viewings? Everyone! Who speaks to our sellers? Everyone! And so on, but a danger that we have seen time and time again in this type of businesses that they are usually in the Challenge zone of The Estate Agency Business Journey and to move the business forward into the more comfortable Operational Zone they must move away from this goalie when needed philosophy as there is no accountability.

Going back to the Goalie when needed example, back then, you couldn’t really criticise any of your players that let a goal in because they weren’t a goalie, they were just doing their best and doing something you didn’t want to and these jobs are the same when everyone just mucks in.

However. When you have a real goalie in your team it is their job to be the best goalie they can be. They practice shot stopping, as opposed to shooting and because of that the team can be more successful and the goalkeeper will take the plaudits and the criticism for what happens in their part of the pitch.

If your Estate Agency is still at the stage where people do lots of different things in their roles, it is important to start to put one person in charge of certain things and make it their job to make that ‘department’ as good as it can possibly be.

The path of becoming one of the best Agencies in the country is reasonably predictable and you can get through the stages as quickly as possible by following the proven path of The Estate Agency Business Journey. If you would like to know exactly where you are on that journey you can take the profiler test here to find out and learn what steps might help you move to the next stage towards excellence.

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