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Sleek v2.0 public release is here

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Coding collaboration with over 200 users at once

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On 23rd March, the highly anticipated and sold-out Estate Agency X 8 (EAX8) event took place, bringing together professionals from the estate agency industry for a day of insight, discussion, and inspiration. For the first time, the event focused exclusively on featuring speakers from within the industry, deviating from the usual mix of experts from various sectors.

The decision to focus on estate agency professionals was driven by the desire to showcase real-life examples of how A.I. is changing the world and how agents have successfully implemented new types of technology in their businesses specifically to help them find more listings, buyers, and tenants. Attendees praised the event for its relatable content and informative discussions.

Rob Brady, Elite Performance Coach at Iceberg Digital, made his debut as the event host, with Mark Burgess, CEO at Iceberg Digital, providing an eye-opening talk on the dangers estate agents face, how they can tackle them and how quickly things may go wrong if they don't address this.

Clint Nykamp shared his expertise on Google ads, emphasising the importance of exactly how to deal with these types of leads to maximise ROI.

Intelligent software

A panel discussion featuring Ian MacBeth, Co-founder of Avocado, who has built a 22 branch Estate Agency in just two years using digital methods to develop their own database, Gemma Noonan, MD of the Giggs Group, who has overseen the migration to a new intelligent software to improve communication and Steve Beercock, Director of Beercock Estate Agents, a ten branch Estate Agency that have also embraced this new technology and now have three times the market share of the next best agent in the area. You can learn more about the technology at

The panel discussion at EAX8 allowed the audience to engage with experts in their field and ask questions about how they use Lifesycle to change how they work.

In the afternoon, Nicola Broomham, Director at Deverellsmith, discussed how leveraging the right technology can facilitate hiring top talent. At the same time, Matt Giggs from Giggs and Co spoke about his initial scepticism towards Iceberg Digital's technology and how he eventually realised its potential in improving communication with clients and the vast impact it has had.

Mark concluded the event by introducing a new AI-based website product for estate agencies that adapts to each visitor's unique profile. The website identifies visitors and provides tailored information based on their circumstances, creating a personalised experience like individual conversations with different clients. Examples include:

  • Updating a previous market appraisal visitor with matching buyers.
  • Suggesting portfolio transfer for landlords.
  • Displaying property search for tenants.
  • Showcasing area-specific sold properties for buyers with a property to sell.

This innovative approach enhances user experience and relevance.

You can join the waitlist and stay up to date on the progress of this new project here.

Rob Brady also announced the expansion of the Estate Agency X brand into a fully immersive experience for agents to use for free at with announcements about future events, podcasts, courses, coaching, and community discussions, with over 1400 members already the community seems to be going from strength to strength and could provide agents with a central resource for discussion and advice.

The success of Estate Agency X 8 proves the value of industry-focused events, offering estate agents actionable insights and fostering meaningful connections. As the estate agency landscape continues to evolve, events like these are crucial for professionals to stay ahead of the curve and embrace innovation.

Estate Agency X - A Network of Learning, Inspiration, and Accountability, founded by Mark Burgess in 2018 and part of Iceberg Digital.