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Harnessing The Power of Lifesycle's Rocks Function: An Unfair Advantage for Modern Estate Agents

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The advent of advanced technologies like Lifesycle is redefining the landscape for estate agents in the UK. However, one thing that sets Lifesycle apart is a unique feature embedded in its software dashboard called 'Rocks'. Introduced into Lifesycle with the launch of Lifesycle 3 last year, it has been described as an 'unfair advantage' by many estate agents who have adopted Lifesycle as their Estate Agency Software.

So, what is this feature within the Lifesycle CRM, and why has it become so important for Estate Agents?

Rocks assist estate agents by identifying hot listing prospects for their business that the agent already has a relationship. Unlike traditional software that focuses on managing current transactions, Lifesycle digs deeper, tracking all contacts an estate agent has ever interacted with. This tracking isn't just superficial; Lifesycle identifies user interests and creates a detailed customer profile based on consumed content, which aids in personalised marketing. So all of those old completions and market appraisals currently sitting in your archive are lighting up inside the Rocks function.

Lifesycle's AI engine works tirelessly, sending personalised emails and displaying customised social media ads to contacts based on their CRM information. Whether buyers, sellers, landlords, or tenants, each client receives communication tailored to their unique needs and interests. But the software's capability continues beyond outreach; it tracks client interaction with the content, identifying what they engage with and why.

Based on this comprehensive data, Lifesycle leverages the Rocks function to generate potential leads. It identifies contacts showing a high level of engagement and places them in the 'Potential Listings' category, providing a detailed breakdown of why they could be prospective clients. In other words, it brings the 'gold' from your database to the forefront, informing your team precisely who to contact for your next listing. As an example, if the owner of one of your market appraisals from 2 years ago is reading an article entitled "What to do to get your property sold by Autumn", Lifesycle will pop them into the active potential listings pot of the Rocks section and put a '1' on the dashboard for someone to action this.

In the current challenging market, when acquiring new property listings is a task, the Rocks function has emerged as a lifesaver for many estate agents. The results have been phenomenal, with many agents incorporating Rocks into their daily routine as their main priority. The tool's power lies in intelligent tracking, data interpretation, and efficient lead prioritisation, giving estate agents an unprecedented advantage over their peers. Rocks doesn't just identify hot leads; it offers invaluable insights that help shape more effective marketing strategies.

With a clearer understanding of client preferences, agents can create more tailored content, further enhancing their relationship with their database and improving their chances of securing business.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, the creators of Lifesycle, says:

"Whilst using Rocks might sound like a no-brainer, learning to work a different way is not an easy task. Therefore we offer our coaching programme and our online academy to help people in person and on mass."

Mark added, "The results for agents willing to change are undeniable, but wanting to make that change and having the leadership skills to navigate it is the challenge."

With Lifesycle 4 due later in the year, the future of estate agency lies in innovative technology like Lifesycle, and those who embrace it will undeniably have an unfair advantage over those still reliant on old technology.