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Estate Agency 2023: Who will win and who will lose

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What has changed in our latest release?

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All new features available for all public channel users

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Who is embracing technology, and how are they doing it? This article explores how three varying types of estate agencies are setting themselves up to win in 2023 by transforming the way they work through more innovative technology.

Discover how a ten-branch estate agency, a small independent, and a one-person operation are setting themselves up to win in 2023 by transforming the way they work through more innovative technology.

Steve Beercock, Director of Beercocks, a ten-branch Estate Agency:

"Lifesycle 3's features have allowed us to forever ditch our old legacy CRM. Taskforce and Rocks are showing us who to call for more business, literally changing our agency and allowing us to have more meaningful conversations with the right people at the right time. We could not be without it!"

Chris Ellis, MD of the Small Independent, Harrisons:

"Let's start with Rocks in Lifesycle 3, which shows our team who to call for more business: for me, as an agent since 2004, we either had hot-boxes or would go by memory to contact clients. I reimplemented the hot-box system in the office; however, we now do not need it anymore. Rocks have enabled us to call the right people at the right time, become more efficient, and spend more time doing the crucial things that matter. We have already had big wins from Rocks, and the team have said how much easier it has made their job."

Then there is the Taskforce section of Lifesycle, Chris adds. "I go at 100mph and would happily say I'm not the best organised. But, as a business owner, Taskforce has enabled me to set various tasks within the system and quickly be informed of the start, progress and completion, helping me ensure everything is promptly completed and for review. The team loves it, as I don't have to keep checking progress."

Clint Nykamp, Sole trader, Sterling Homes:

"Businesses and estate agents especially tend to throw around the saying 'game changer', but Lifesycle 3 genuinely is!! Time is precious to me, as I enjoy spending time with my family, so to have a system that tells me who I should call that is most likely to sell is priceless – and yes, it does work! I log into the system in the morning, read through the feedback from viewings that the system has already collected for me, call the list of people most likely to sell (usually around 8-10 calls a day of high quality) and then I can either go and make a few appointments, do the school run or spend time with my family knowing I have everything covered. The time management compared with when I previously worked for a different Estate Agency is mind-blowing…."

"On the side of the leads, I have adverts running on both Google and Facebook, being fed directly into Lifesycle and straight into a customer journey that communicates personalised content to them forever. So genuinely, if I went away on holiday for three weeks, the system would look after all my leads and tell me who to call first when I got back! Wow!"

Clint continues, "Some people in my position say that they can't afford Lifesycle - I can't afford to be without Lifesycle. I could only afford to get some of the work done that Lifesycle does for me for anywhere near the cost of the software. So if you think you can't afford it..?, take a closer look at your expenses - you will find that you are already paying more in outgoings and your own time and getting less for your money.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital, the creators of Lifesycle, says:

"The first versions of Lifesycle I built for myself to change how my own company worked, and we went from pottering along to transforming the way we worked and building a £15m business.

Mark continues, "I made a version for Estate Agency because I have spent the last 30 years in and around this industry, and I can see from my own experience that it will die without this transformation. Of course, 2020 and 2021 slowed down the change because you could list and sell properties without doing anything, but now that the tide has gone out, it is easier to see who has been swimming naked."

"Technology has left Estate Agency so far behind that some agents still work from software that doesn't work on a Mac or can't be used properly on a phone or tablet."

Mark adds, "These are not breakthrough technologies, so imagine what else they are missing out on!"

Lifesycle has gone from an ambitious project to now being the runaway leader for agents looking to embrace the future. Iceberg Digital continues to push the boundaries and ensure they are partners to the industry and their clients - keeping them at the forefront as they move into an exciting new era of technology.

If you are interested in hearing more client testimonials, please click here.

Developed by Iceberg Digital, Lifesycle is the World's-first Estate Agency software that combines traditional Estate Agency CRM and Marketing software in one platform. Lifesycle allows you to manage your everyday tasks as an Estate Agent while delivering ongoing communication, gathering automatic feedback, and identifying where the best opportunities for new instructions are likely to be.