8 tips for building your brand

Branding is hugely important if you want to create a successful business. Let’s take McDonalds, Nike, Apple – all have brands that are recognised worldwide. However, we hate to break it to you but it doesn’t just happen overnight. Instead you have to work at it and with these tips, you can easily whip your brand into shape.

1. Build your platform

You need a website and a top one at that. If someone searches for your company and an out-dated website full of grammatical errors appears, you aren’t painting your business in the best light. You will also need social media accounts that represent your brand. 10 years ago, if someone wanted information on your business, they would call your office and speak to one of the sales team. In the 21st century, the first port of call is the Internet so make a good impression.

2. Build your personal brand as well as your company brand

Nowadays, building your personal brand is just as important as building your company brand. Customers want to hear about the history of the business, the story behind the founders and its successes and failures. Put yourself out there and market yourself as well as your business.

3. Define your brand

You need to review the product and services that your business offers and find its space in the market. If you can’t define your company then how will other people understand your brand. Ultimately your brand should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market.

4. Build relationships with your customers

From the very beginning, you should be aware of who your target audience is and how to reach them. Your aim should be to turn prospects into customers and customers into returning customers. You need to create a brand that is reliable, trustworthy and efficient. Don’t make big promises that get broken and make your core values clear from day one.

5. Don’t mimic the big guys

Be your own identity. There is a big consumer trend towards independent establishments and small businesses so use this to your advantage. Clients are interacting with you because your business appeals to them more than corporate giants so be authentic and original.

6. Be visually consistent

Take great care and attention to the design and branding of all customer facing material. The impact of consistent and professional looking material across EVERYTHING your business produces is huge. If one branch is using one logo and font and another branch is creating marketing using a different logo and font your messages will never look consistent and you will struggle to gain any long-term recognition for your brand. Running all marketing through a specialist design firm will ensure that the whole business is better off.

7. Use a tagline that tells your story

Your tagline is the short sentence that follows your company name and shares extra information about what your business offers. Many businesses overlook it but a good tagline is one of the most effective pieces of marketing. You only have to take a look at companies such as Mars, Heinz and KFC to see how taglines can have a positive impact.

8. Know your marketing strategy

As the world has evolved over the years, marketing has too and activities that were once popular years ago, just don’t work like they once did. People no longer want to receive traditional marketing methods like newspaper adverts and flyers and filter out things they do not want to read. Create a marketing strategy focusing on three goals to achieve from marketing such as more leads, more website traffic and increased profits. Nowadays the most successful marketing methods are content creation and social media marketing.

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