5 things you need to learn from Nike’s marketing

How many fashion brands that were created in the 1960s are still considered fashionable today? Throughout the decades, Nike has consistently and constantly remained a brand that closely associates itself with the young, active and fashion conscious and we can all learn from them – no matter how big or small your company.


1. Build your brand and strapline

Nike is so confident in their brand that often they just use their logo (the recognisable Nike swoosh) without their actual name. Like Nike, as a business you need to understand that marketing is about creating strong recognition through consistent imagery and messages. Your strapline is the short sentence that follows your company name and shares extra information about what your business offers. Many businesses overlook it but a good strapline is one of the most effective pieces of marketing – just take a look at Nike’s ‘Just Do It.’

2. Be creative

Nike didn’t get to where they are today without facing some set backs but did they let it get to them? No. Think outside the box! During the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Reebok were the official sportswear sponsor, which meant only they could use the logo and be seen within the stadium. However, Nike bought the majority of advertising space around the stadium, handed out banners and built a ‘Nike Centre’ next to the main stadium. Afterwards, most people thought Nike was an official sponsor, with few recalling the Reebok brand at all. Positive and creative thinking meant that Nike remained at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

3. Branding through association

Think about who and what your brand associates with. Nike does a huge amount of branding by associating themselves with elite athletes. The public are not stupid enough to believe that they will become better if wearing/using Nike products but being connected to such elite people, the public expect Nike’s products to perform better and last longer. We understand that this isn’t an option for all businesses but associate your own company with local businesses and people will soon realise you are a trustworthy brand, with good core values and ethos.

4. Evolve with the digital world

The world has changed since the 60’s and so has Nike’s strategy. Nike continues to adapt to new trends whilst maintaining their core identity and brand. What is vital to Nike’s success is that while their products may have changed with the times, their customer service and messages have remained the same. Nike has moved from print platforms to social media channels like Instagram - know your target audience and where they are. Nike’s main success is that their message hasn’t got lost over time.

5. Sell the benefits of your product

Don’t start out in business with the aim of being a millionaire. Instead, you should truly believe that there is a purpose for your product in the world. This will help you focus on selling the benefits of your products rather than its features. Nike’s goal was to make the world’s lightest running shoe, which would dramatically improve the speed of a distance runner. Nike have one of the most successful content marketing strategy’s in place, focusing on promoting the benefits of their products.

Whilst we may not have the resources or budget available to Nike, one thing’s for sure, we can all learn from their successful marketing strategies. To speak to one of our experts about the best marketing for your business, get in touch today.

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