The 5C’s of a content marketing Loop was created by Mark Burgess and describes a circle of 5 C words (Content, Communicate, Connect, Constant and Convert) that any business must implement if they are to be successful in content marketing. After trying and testing countless methods, we landed on a suite of products that works completely with the 5Cs to get the absolute most out of your content marketing.

When the 5Cs connect together in a full loop, you can be assured there are no missing links or lost leads within your business’ marketing, utilising our suite of tools to convert every single customer that clicks on your website, sees your advertisements or walks through your door, and all of this happens while you get on with the day to day tasks of running your business.

We believe so strongly in the 5Cs, we built our company’s foundation on them. See for yourself how they can completely modernise and help grow your business to become an expert in your industry.